Three Things That Can Be Determined During Eye Exams In An Emergency And Why They're Important

Eye exams in emergency situations can tell the EMTs and the emergency room doctors and staff several things about you right away. If they do not perform quick eye tests, they may miss something very important about your medical health, which can be detected with a quick eye exam. Here are three things that can be determined by emergency personnel simply by quickly examining your eyes and why these determinations are so important.

Put Your Eyeglasses To Work: Occupational Multifocals May Be What You Need

If you're about to get your eyes examined so that you can get new glasses -- and you've been thinking that bifocals are not your thing -- take a moment to think about all of the situations in which you have your current glasses on or off. Not everyone likes bifocals in general; however, if you notice certain circumstances where you are continually whipping different pairs of glasses on and off to switch between two or more distances, there may be a compromise.

Two Options For Glasses And Sports

If you love sports and wear glasses, you know that it can be hard to play basketball or football and still wear your glasses. If your prescription is mild enough, you may able to get away with not wearing your glasses, but the stronger the prescription, the less you are able to get away with not wearing your glasses. It's hard for you to catch a football, hit a homer, or sink a three-pointer if you can't see where the ball or hoop is.